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UC Browser APK

UC Browser

A Multi-Functionality Browser with a Smooth Experience! for Android UCWeb Inc.
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UC Browser is a web browser developed by UCWeb which has become the third most popular mobile browser in the world. It is available for Android users on their phones and tablets. An efficient way to save data usage and simplistic way to browse the net, UC Browser app is the most trending app nowadays.

UC Browser APK uses various technologies which makes the browsing experience much cozy and comfortable. It offers suggestions to access their preferred sites quickly. Multiple files can be downloaded at the same time. It also has a time-saving feature of ‘Fast Download’ where the user can download in the fraction of seconds.

UC Browser also allows one to quickly access different engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Download UC Browser app on Android which represents the largest user base due to its speed of browsing. UC Browser Android app can read the downloaded files when they are offline and can also download various files simultaneously. When there is an issue with the network the downloading process pauses and gets back once there is a proper connection.

The data compression technology reduces the data consumption while the users are browsing. The cloud acceleration technology tends to fetch data from the nearest users to make the browsing experience much more comfortable and fast.

One can customize the browser to change their themes and also edit the toolbar. UC Browser APK also allows users to share content on social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc directly within the browser. One can clear the browsing history as soon as they leave the browser. It gives you additional information when the browser tries to navigate to harmful sites or attempt to download dangerous content.

UC Browser for Android devices has several modes that help the browser to relax and browse. It has an option where one can block the Ad’s which browsing. If you are someone who loves to read at night then definitely the night mode in UC Browser app will help you.


  • Download and view offline.
  • Cloud boost technology.
  • Privacy and Incognito mode.
  • Night mode to dim the lights.
  • Search via voice commands.
  • Download HD videos.
  • Customize the themes as you wish.

These features will never let it go down as it has all the useful and necessary features which we can rely on. You can download high-quality videos for free and quick, you can also access the ability to search via voice commands.

Name: UC Browser
Developer: UCWeb Inc.
App Version: v12.9.7.1153
App Size: 39 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: InternetWeb Browsers
License Type: Free
Downloads: 500,000,000+

Download UC Browser APK for Android devices to gain access more conveniently from the comforts of our phones. As it is easy to rely on and provides amazing features to check upon.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.

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YouTube Go

Maximize Your Fun Without Eating up Your Data!



YouTube Go APK
1.46.52 for Android Google LLC

YouTube Go is the perfect go-to option for people who do not have access to fast wifi or data connection. This official YouTube alternative by Google, allows you to experience all the features of YouTube in a slightly modified manner.

YouTube Go APK allows you to watch any video by choosing its quality and even preview it before you watch it. You can choose a size cap of how many MBs you wish to spend on each video and before you stream the video you can even watch a few still images as a preview. This feature is highly useful to save data and control storage.

Another important feature is the ability to download videos and then watch them, instead of streaming them online and using a lot of internet. The YouTube Go App lets you download and save the videos in your phone memory or SD card so that you can watch them later anywhere even without an internet connection.

Sharing is a process which has been made super easy with the YouTube Go for Android devices as you can seamlessly share videos with friends and family via direct Bluetooth connection without the need of data. The video transfer works very fast and allows you to share videos by connecting to other users nearby.


  • Hassle-free access to YouTube videos even in poor networks.
  • Download videos and watch them later.
  • Share your videos directly with others.
  • Control the data being used when streaming online.
  • Experience all features even with a phone which has less storage.
  • Play videos in a smooth manner without buffering.
  • Access to all video comments and YouTube recommendations.

The YouTube Go Android app helps you watch all your downloaded videos in a smooth and effortless manner as there is no need to wait for the video to buffer. This app is popular as it works perfectly well even for those with an unstable internet connection.

Name: YouTube Go
Developer: Google LLC
App Version: v1.46.52
App Size: 9.3 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.2 & Higher
Category: MultimediaVideo Players & Editors
License Type: Free
Downloads: 100,000,000+

Download YouTube Go APK Free for Android devices to seamlessly gain access to the world of online streaming and enjoy all the latest videos and trending topics without the app eating up all your data.


  • Android version 4.2 or above.
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PDF Reader

Help You to Easily Manage & Open All the Ebooks on Your Phone!



PDF Reader APK
5.9 for Android Pickwick Santa

PDF Reader is a useful and indispensable app for anyone who wishes to read long or short PDF documents from the comforts of their smartphone. The app allows you to open any PDF document on your device and read it anytime and anywhere.

PDF Reader APK can help you read any document as it even supports all formats like DjVu, XPS, fb2, fb2.zip, CBR, CBZ, RTF, EPUB apart from PDF. This makes it useful as an eBook too and you can seamlessly read anything from a single page letter to a whole novel. The documents are made available on a virtual bookshelf from where you simply need to tap on the file you wish to access.

You can view the pages one after the other by scrolling or even view them as a book where there are animation effects each time you flip a page. The PDF Reader App even allows you to bookmark certain pages for ease of access or perform searches for any word or phrase.

You can easily customize your reading experience in the PDF Reader Android app by switching from day to night mode or vice versa. Moreover, you can choose a certain theme or background color and even adjust the brightness by clicking on the left edge of the screen.


  • Hassle-free reading of PDF documents or eBooks.
  • File browser to scroll through and quick access to recent books.
  • Support for almost all file formats and online catalogs.
  • Dictionary support via ColorDict, GoldenDict etc.
  • Support for languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Text-to-speech translation.
  • Page turning or sliding animation effects.
  • Support for styles, tables, and footnotes in FB2 format.

PDF Reader Android APK also allows you to set a certain speed for auto-scrolling of the pages. This takes away the need of you to scroll or flip the pages every time and you can alter the speed or stop scrolling anytime you wish to.

Name: PDF Reader
Developer: Pickwick Santa
App Version: v5.9
App Size: 6.5 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.0 & Higher
Category: Productivity and BusinessPDF
License Type: Free
Downloads: 10,000,000+

Download PDF Reader APK Free for Android devices to effortlessly access any and every document or eBook on your phone and enhance your entire reading effect to make it much more enjoyable.


  • Android version 4.0 or above.
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Optimizes Your Phone’s Battery Life & Speed Up Your Android Device!



Purify APK for Android General Smart Development Ltd.

Purify is a comprehensive and all-in-one app to save your device’s battery, optimize and speed up your Android phone and to always get the best performance out of it.

Purify APK works by terminating all the apps running in the background and even adjusts your screen’s brightness to save the battery life. There is a ‘Super Save’ mode which you can engage, in case your battery is draining really fast and your phone is about to die.

You can configure the settings to ensure which apps are closed when the Purify App starts working and which ones you want should remain open. If you do not wish to constantly tap the one-click purification button, then you can even enable the auto-purify option which will take place itself at the stipulated time setting.

Purify for Android devices also displays the current running performance of your phone which you can improve by clicking on the given button. The app even allows you to configure your notification bar settings which will ensure that your notifications appear in batches and the bar looks neat.


  • Enhance your phone’s performance in a single tap.
  • Kill all apps running in the background.
  • Get rid of bloatware.
  • Configure setting for auto-purification of your phone.
  • Save Mode or Super Save Mode can be engaged.
  • Check your mobile running status and improve it.
  • Make your notification bar look organized.

One point to be noted about the Purify Android App is that if you wish to get rid of bloatware and delete the bloatware apps, you will need super user or root privileges.

Name: Purify
Developer: General Smart Development Ltd.
App Version: v2.1.6.268
App Size: MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: ToolsGeneral
License Type: Free
Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download Purify APK Free for Android devices to always ensure your phone is running at its best performance, to optimize your battery’s performance and to always keep your device in the best possible health.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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